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Blue Area. Limited Traffic Zone in Sassari

The Blue Area was created to promote the town center, the oldest and largest commercial and residential area of the area, which in recent years has been affected by a major upgrading. The institution of the Area Blue promotes regulations and not limitations.

In the LTZ access and car traffic will be restricted to certain categories users and vehicles, which will have to respect the limit 30 km / h. The pedestrian zone is completely forbidden to motor vehicles.

For those arriving by car you can park in the underground parking areas. The parking will be free for those who make at least one purchase within the Blue Area (free parking for two hours in the underground parking of the Emiciclo Garibaldi and Piazza Fiume for those who purchase inside the blue area _ the ticket issued by businesses is used for proof) . Special rates for those who go to the town center by taxi. The cooperative Sassari Taxi Service CTSS offers discounted rates: maximum 7 Euros for those who reach the center from the surrounding areas, the so-called yellow zone, maximum 9 € for those coming from the suburbs, the so-called orange zone, and 5 euro for those who move to 'inside of the Blue Area. Those who buy in stores _ inside the blue area will receive a blue ticket that is worth 2 or 3 euro to spend on taxis of the cooperative between 7.30 and 20.30.

CTSS tel. +39 079 253939

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