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A small paradise just a short walk from the beach.  The pond of Platamona is one of the most important wetlands in northern Sardinia surrounded by beautiful juniper trees and pines. Recognized as an area of interest, it’s about three kilometers long, with a maximum width of 250 meters and an area of 95 hectares, but has no contact with the sea.

The fresh water that flows inside is filtered by the dunes. And it is the sand dunes, covered with vegetation typical of the ponds, which create a perfect setting where birds and amphibians have found their natural habitat and provide a spectacular show for fans of naturalistic photography and bird watching. An unmissable stop to enjoy a unique spectacle of nature in complete relaxation.

How to get there

It’s situated between the Marina of Sorso and Porto Torres, behind the beach of Platamona. It can be reached from Sassari in about twenty minutes following the Provincial Road 40. For those arriving from Porto Torres they must take the Provincial Road 81.


The pond and the juniper woods are managed by a consortium of social cooperatives "Andalas de Amistade" (Aurora Cooperative, Porta Aperta and Petralana).  From the Center for Environmental Education, visitors can follow a series of trails that are simple to follow and equipped for the disabled with wooden floors and fences with handrails that allow anyone to reach the cabin for bird watching. The guides of the consortium are available for birdwatching tours and specialized courses.

You can hire on site a kit consisting of binoculars + guide.


Andalas de Amistade, social consortium.

Administration - Valledoria: Tel 079/583032 - Fax 079/583303.

Ginepreto Pond Platamona: Tel and Fax 079/311353

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