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"The local term "Luogo Piano" (flat place) used to describe Platamona Beach refers to the presence of marshes and swamps."

From the beach, nestled near the old Aragonese Tower of Abbacurrente, starts a long stretch of sandy coast. The waters are crystal clear and the seabed is free of rocks. The local fish grow to a large size here.

At the entrance to this area, there are beach resorts where visitors can rent umbrellas and other equipment to enjoy their stay.

Behind Platamona, there is an extensive juniper forest and during the spring this area is covered with wild orchids.

How to arrive in Platamona Beach

You get to Platamona from Sassari by taking the SS 131 following the signs to Platamona shortly after passing the village of Ottava. The road, in its final stretch, runs alongside the pond before you get to an intersection regulated by traffic lights. Taking the turn on the left takes you to Porto Torres, directly to the beach and the Lido. The turn on the left will take you through the juniper woods of Platamona to a number of camping areas and commercial centers; in this part of the road you will find a couple of entrances for the beaches called “pettini”, that cross the dunes and the vegetation. At the 5 entrance there is the intersection for Sorso-Castelsardo (straight ahead) and Sassari (on the right).

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