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The legend says that at the bottom of the lake - the only natural lake of Sardinia - is located the ancient sunken city of Barax. What is certain is that this stretch of water of 12 km is so enchanting that it's easy for your imagination to be captured and to spend some time in a special visit surrounded by nature.

Surrounded by sand dunes, the basin is supplied by small streams, and was formed during the last ice age by a huge strip of marine and continental sand carried by the wind or by a series of violent storms. Located just outside Porto Ferro, the lake is surrounded by an Aleppo pine forest and domestic pine that sometimes leaves room for the typical Mediterranean scrub such as wild olive, arbutus, myrtle. The rich aquatic vegetation is a refuge for species typical of the lake environment. The area of "Lake Baratz-Porto Ferro" has been recognized by the EU a Site of Community Interest (SCI) and is managed by the Center for Environmental Education and Sustainability (CEAS) Lake Baratz of the city of Sassari.

More information: www.ceasbaratz.it

Getting there

The CEAS Lake Baratz is easily accessible with private transportation, just by following all the signs that bear the inscription "Lake Baratz." Starting from Sassari, take the S.S. n. 291 towards Alghero. Go straight then take SP n. 55bis. After the roundabout with the road of the Due Mari, proceed towards Santa Maria La Palma. At the traffic light go straight, and after 3 km take the right turn that indicates Lake Baratz and proceed for another two kilometers. The turn to the left near the sign will take you to the main road for Lake Baratz. Go two more kilometers and you will arrive at destination.


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